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Welcome To My Bag Company!!

a clever front for my plot to go on silly little bike rides, make new bike riding friends, and justify my fabric-buying budget

About My Bags :)


I'm not in the business of selling you something you don't need. Each bag starts with a conversation about what function your bag will fill, and if I don't have what you need I'll be sure to point you in the right direction.


As you can guess by my price points and production timelines, I sew these bags myself. I am excited by local production and the opportunity to directly share my passions with others in the VT community. Additionally, a portion of the proceeds from each bag sale goes towards monthly sustaining donations to Old Spokes Home and Local Motion.


Sustainability is a tricky thing to get right in the outdoor gear space, but I'm committed to sourcing fabric and notions that are made with post-consumer recycled plastics and awareness of their chemical footprints.



About Ben's Bag Co.

Contact Me

Instagram: @justbenburns

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